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Product care

Handcrafted apparel adorned with intricate designs, bAbli guarantees the quality of clothes when handled with care. You might find irregularities in weaving, printing, and dyeing but here at bAbli, we take pride in these unique textures as your piece is made just for you.

Our apparel is pre-washed so shrinkage should not occur.

Natural-dyed/printed colors might bleed during the first few washes or rub against the skin
& other light-colored garments.

Please refer to the following clothing-care routine for your precious pieces:

Handloom Cotton – Linen – Khadi: This delicate fabric needs to be hand-washed in cold water with a mild detergent. If you use a washing machine, ensure that you wash it with similar fabrics and similar colors. Do not tumble dry. Hang dry or flat dry in shade. For the best results, iron while slightly damp.

Natural Dyed: Naturally dyed fabrics are prone to bleeding in the initial 2-3 washes. Every color change will beautify the piece. Hand-wash separately with or without mild detergent in cold water and hang dry in shade.

Hand Embroidered: The embroidery done by artisans is delicate and hence needs to be taken extra care of. Hand-wash them inside out in cold water and do not rub or wring them. The thread work is done on a wooden frame and needs to be protected. For the best results, hang dry and do not iron the embroidered areas directly.

Hand Printed: The blocks used by our artisans for printing are hand-carved. Minor irregularities are a part of the process and make your piece one-of-a-kind. Hand-wash with or without mild detergent. Hang dry or flat dry in shade.

Sustainability in fashion can be achieved by maintaining your clothes in a way that increases its lifetime. We create timeless designs so that you can flaunt them whenever you wear them. The following tips would help you treasure your clothes:

– Wash similar colors together. 

– Wash in full loads, so the clothes are not over-exposed.
– Choose mild detergents to wash, clothes are delicate and try not to treat them harshly.
– Avoid dry cleaning unless really necessary. 

– Avoid washing clothes excessively, unnecessary exposure to detergent and water may harm the clothes.
– Airing and brushing the clothes between wears will keep them fresh longer.

– Line dry or flat dry will help in increasing the life of the clothes.